Minilab launched

Hello and welcome all,

Finally blog is up.

For a good start a few WIP pictures of projects I work on recently. First is medieval/fantasy cannon (veuglaire to be exact). This is the second prototype I made, and it still require some tweaking (barrel slightly too short, carriage support slightly too long). Texturing is underway approx 75% complete. Veuglaire is planned complete with gunpowder keg, bucket for carrying cannonballs (or whatever), sponge to clean the bore, hammer to wedge the powder chamber tightly, replacement powder chambers and a chest for gunner tools.

130225Foglerz2      130225Foglerz3

Another project is a set of concrete military precasts for modern/SF setting. Namely blast walls, jersey barriers and dragon tooth bollards. For now only photos of untextured draft models. Design of these is actually almost complete. Pictures of finished models should arrive shortly.

  130226prefab1      130226prefab2


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