Headless horse…

Just a few early wip pictures of the horse I’m designing to pull the cannon. Head and tail is still left to be done…  This is the first prototype and I expect I will need a couple more to finish geometry and start texturing. I’m satisfied that the mini is strong enough to bear quite a heavy (well, for an elf), metal GW dragon prince (WHFB 5th ed. I think) without any internal wiring or  external supports.

130329_kon_2     130329_kon_3     130329_kon_1


A full load of concrete

Not much to say actually. I’ve finished assembly of remaining concrete barriers (that is jersey barriers and dragon tooth bollards). The effects you can see on the pics below.

130309_beton1     p130309_beton2

This is where I leave the theme of concrete for now, although I like the idea of papercraft concrete precasts (papercasts?) and will surely return to the subject, perhaps  with more modular builds. A lot of ideas swarming distant horizon.

Now I need to find some time to playtest the whole set, and that can be more difficult than building it…

The veuglaire is ready, and there is still a lot to do.

The veuglaire model, cannon supplies and tools are done, but in the meantime the project expanded to include 2d crew and 3d horses and limber both in a very early phase of design.

Below you can see the finished cannon  at ease (crew went for a beer) with what is completed. I am quite happy that it is all done without any non paper parts (no wire, no toothpicks, no putty etc, and that includes cannon shots visible in the bucket).

130323-foglerz4     130323-foglerz6

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Blast walls… and about complexity of simple things.

There is a strange regularity that things that should be simple usually turn out to be more complicated than one might expect. Likewise, sometimes it is most difficult to find time for the things that require least of it. Both of these rules were true  in regard to my work on the military concrete precasts. Creating a concrete wall that is not boring nor repetitive turned out to be quite time-consuming though geometry is simple and texturing concrete is nothing difficult. Finally I made eight skins, but until last weekend I had no time to assemble them (and assembly of single section takes only a few minutes.). Until yesterday I had no time to do the photos and only today I found a moment to post them. Below you can see the effects.

130312_prec4      130312_prec3

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Medieval cannon nearly complete.

While working on the design of the veuglaire I have assembled a whole artillery park of subsequent versions. Below you can see models made in the process.


The cannon itself is actually completed and I am quite satisfied how it came out. The wheels are turning, the gun angle can be adjusted with the elevation bracket, as it should. I am still working on the accessories. For now you can see the powder barrel and wedging hammer resting on the hooks on the carriage.

130303-foglerz2     130303-foglerz3