Blast walls… and about complexity of simple things.

There is a strange regularity that things that should be simple usually turn out to be more complicated than one might expect. Likewise, sometimes it is most difficult to find time for the things that require least of it. Both of these rules were true  in regard to my work on the military concrete precasts. Creating a concrete wall that is not boring nor repetitive turned out to be quite time-consuming though geometry is simple and texturing concrete is nothing difficult. Finally I made eight skins, but until last weekend I had no time to assemble them (and assembly of single section takes only a few minutes.). Until yesterday I had no time to do the photos and only today I found a moment to post them. Below you can see the effects.

130312_prec4      130312_prec3

For now I have only assembled  8 sections but the skins are different on both sides of the wall and mirrored allow to create a single wall surface of 16 unique textures with total length of~80cm. Also the tongue and groove joints proved to be better than I thought. It allows to create rounded sections and straight corners with no visible gaps and stabilizes the wall quite well. Now all  I need to create militarized urban area is to finally assemble road barriers and dragon teeth and then hmm… model the rest of the city.

130312_prec2      130312_prec1


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