The veuglaire is ready, and there is still a lot to do.

The veuglaire model, cannon supplies and tools are done, but in the meantime the project expanded to include 2d crew and 3d horses and limber both in a very early phase of design.

Below you can see the finished cannon  at ease (crew went for a beer) with what is completed. I am quite happy that it is all done without any non paper parts (no wire, no toothpicks, no putty etc, and that includes cannon shots visible in the bucket).

130323-foglerz4     130323-foglerz6

Next few pics are a brief sneak peek of what is to come. First two show the cannon on the march. The limber is not even a draft model. It is just a proxy, made of spare parts from cannon test prints. I made it to evaluate the overall length of the cannon with the limber and horse, and to get the overall impression of how it may look like.

130323-foglerz1      130323-foglerz2

The last pic is my first attempt at making a crew. It is master gunner lighting the fuse.


It has been a long time since I have finished a drawing of a human. Most of my drawings in past few years were architectural sketches and even if they included people, they were schematic without any detail. There is a lot here to improve but still it was fun to draw him, hopefully I will refresh my drawing skills working on his fellow crewmen.


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