A full load of concrete

Not much to say actually. I’ve finished assembly of remaining concrete barriers (that is jersey barriers and dragon tooth bollards). The effects you can see on the pics below.

130309_beton1     p130309_beton2

This is where I leave the theme of concrete for now, although I like the idea of papercraft concrete precasts (papercasts?) and will surely return to the subject, perhaps  with more modular builds. A lot of ideas swarming distant horizon.

Now I need to find some time to playtest the whole set, and that can be more difficult than building it…


2 thoughts on “A full load of concrete

    • Thanks JC.
      Not sure yet. My friends urge me to put it (as well as the cannon) up as a commercial downloadable PDF, so I will possibly publish it this way. If so I will post a note on the blog on when and where it will be available.

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