Codex Manesse knights.

This was a bit of an experiment.

Some of you may have heard of, or seen excerpts of “The great songbook of Heidelberg” more known as Codex Manesse, one of the major iconographic sources on knightly culture of XIII-XIV centuries. If you haven’t I highly recommend taking a look at it here at the site of University of Heidelberg. It contains over a hundred songs and poems by medieval minnesanger (central european troubadours of noble birth), together with illuminated portraits of their authors in different context, some of them at war or in a joust.

I thought it would be fun to make gaming miniatures of original illustrations, so I have extracted several knights, made their backsides and turned them into minis scaled  to ca. 30mm gaming scale. The height of the knight himself was taken as a reference for scaling and original proportions were retained to keep the style of original artwork, which mean they are completely out of proportions by modern standards :), but I think that is part of their charm. The names on the tabs are identical with those in the Codex.


20130401_Manesse_02      20130401_Manesse_01

I’m pretty sure than in some spare time I will make more of them, (hopefully a complete jousting setting) as it was great fun to make the first bunch. If you like them, and want to make some for yourself you can download them in full resolution by “right click>> save as” on this link: Codex Manesse knights.


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