More knights and a wizard.

That was a rough week, and the coming one seems not to be any easier. I had no time to develop my 3d designs, however I’ve found out that a while each evening spent on Codex Manesse minis works wonders for me helping to shake off daily stress. Below you will find effects of this treatment 🙂  If you want these fine gentlemen to enter the joust together with the previous four just rightclick>> save target as on the image for the full res. file.


Robert_de_Boron_Merlin_1It happens to me from time to time that some subject haunts me triggered by some random things, until I’ll look into it and find what I can about it. My last such research rush regarded diffrent versions and origins of Arthurian myths. This way a mini to the right joined the CMK (Codex Manesse Knights :)) despite being a character of another story. It is one of the first depictions of Merlin from ca. 1300 manuscipt of the tale of Merlin by Robert de Boron – a guy that invented the holiness of the Grail (being an author of the tale of Joseph of Arimathea), and unholiness of Merlin himself. Specifically his conception by Satan. Anyway click him for the full res image If you want him to join your knights. Enjoy.


Just for the record. All above miniatures are sized for ~30mm scale.


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