The final team of jousting knights.

Not the last of Codex Manesse miniatures surely, but most likely a last team of mounted knights in full dress. I guess I could still make more, but it would require reconstruction of more than 50% of character silhouette making the knights more invented than source based. In such case I would prefer to make them 100% myself.


All minis in this team already required some work or reconstruction. Duke Henry of Wroclaw had to be armed and helmeted (as on the original illustration he rides triumphant, with arms handed over to the squires). Graff von Heigerlo’s horse needed some major surgery if not necromancy to stand on his hooves. The next two knights were actually unnamed victims of Duke of Anhalt and Graf von Liningen. I gave them crests and helmets of  Rudolf von Stadegge and Hesso von Reinach to add them to the joust. I’ve found out that killed or otherwise defeated knights make great material for really dynamic poses. The last  mini is one of Jan of Brabant knights, on partially (back partially) reconstructed horse.

There is still a lot of material for many great minis in the codex. Incoming are the foot fencers, then the court (kings, matrons and maidens, lords and servants). There are also many charts with hunting theme I intend to exploit. I am thinking also about Codex Manesse scenery but for now I have no concept how to make them 3d and still look good.  Flat scenery IMHO looks ok on the shelf but is not practical for gaming and this is how I intend to use them.


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