Concrete precast factory up and running – among other things.

MiniLab is going commercial.

I’m pleased to announce that my concrete barrier set is available on Wargame Vault for anyone who would need them. The set includes eight of each blast walls, jersey barriers and dragon tooth bollards in 30mm gaming scale.

Editing this set to publish it took me quite a long time (prose of life can be annoyingly distractive) but it should go faster now when most of things are set.

It is just first of many sets I have in my plans, as in the mean time many prototypes were born on my desk, and many more ideas in my head. Hopefully I will find some time to grab the camera and update the blog. Next set to follow will be (obviously I guess) the Veuglaire with 2d crew, and then 2-3 sets of some simpler models not sure what it will be exactly but you may expect some note soon.

The horse with cart and limber will be delayed however, as I care to much to make it right and I don’t want to jinx it with haste.

In the mean time you may expect more Manesse miniatures (free as always), and some modding stuff for the barriers.


2 thoughts on “Concrete precast factory up and running – among other things.

  1. Just downloaded the set – great work.
    Also, I noticed you made the Top 10 on Wargame Vault’s Hottest Items list. Congratulations!

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