Meet Aspasia Anna Arminia Achsenberg von Frankenstein in Schlesien

This is my second submission for the Papercut Awards 2013 this time for Single Figure category.

Illustrated Weekly Magazine_1

This is also my first actually finished character illustration for “the Crucibles” (working title:) ) a postapo-steampunk setting that I keep somewhere in my mind and on many loose sketches for some 7 years or so. I recently dug up some of those sketches when reorganizing my “home-office” and that (together with the Papercut Awards) gave me the stimulus to create this miniature. Hopefully it will be the first step to giving this idea an actual form.

For my presentation I wanted this mini to have a decent background. As with the cannon crew a custom screen was designed printed and built just for the photo session (a big word as I took only about 10 shots). I even made some 2d gaslights but they were dropped from the frame after cropping the image. As for the character background well… newspapers wrote about her 😀 you can read the article by clicking on the image if you hadn’t already.

As with the besieged castle in the cannon crew submission, I used a real life reference here. The gazette that I used as a template is an actual XIX century polish weekly magazine called “Tygodnik Illustrowany” (Lit. An illustrated weekly magazine :). Most of its issues were digitalized and are available online. It is in polish obviously but if you like to check it out some links are available through Wikipedia. The gazette itself was amazing, covering a wide variety of subjects from literature through inventions and discoveries, history both ancient and most recent, geography to well a little bit of everything actually. Especially their coverage of franco-prussian war is worth looking through. Just for the illustrations if nothing else.


If You like the Cannon Crew and/or Aspasia (or never heard of Papercut Awards)  the virtual voting booths are open on Cardboard Warriors Forum until monday alaskan evening 🙂

Edit: The Papercut Awards are closed. See my next posts :).


Medieval Cannon Crew – and how to operate a veuglaire.

In past few days I’ve been busy with preparing my submissions for Cardboard Warriors Papercut Awards contest. Having very little free time (as always) I decided to enter only two categories that is Single Figure And Multi Figure Set.

As the Veuglaire is getting close to being published, the cannon crew seemed a reasonable choice for the latter category. These miniatures will be included in the Veuglaire set as a bonus content. Anyway meet the crew.


In order of appearance Company Captain, Master Gunner, Gunner apprentice, Company Soldier, Veteran Gunner and another Gunner apprentice.

They were designed as post hussite, bohemian, mercenary, artillery company something mid. XV century and thus they are wearing period cloths, arms and armour. I wanted also to represent economic stratification of such mercenary company.

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Concrete Barriers1.1 – Alternative hues.

Whole July no posts… The month was a nightmare in work but still I managed to make first expansion for Concrete Barriers set. It was uploaded to Wargame Vault yesterday.

Shade of concrete depends on many factors. Many of these factors are based on local conditions. E.g concrete aggregate usually consists of materials (rocks mostly) easily available in the manufacturing area ( you have yellow tinted gravel, or use red tinted crushed granite your concrete will reflect that). Other major factor is lighting. Colour of light reflected form surroundings (yellow desert around will tint even grey concrete yellow etc.) – this is othing new for someone who have done some photography or rendering. Just to name just two. You can also intentionally colourize concrete bay adding pigments to the matrix.


New alternative hues for Concrete Barriers

Now you can simulate many such colour and light effects on your battlefield with alternative concrete hues. You often wage your wars in the middle-east or on distant desert planets – use desert tint. Need to protect an isolated Martian outpost – Martian hue will look best. In some dystopian contaminated industrial area, where slag concrete be enough to keep the strangers away – represent it with black tint. You can also use it for night fighting (in non lit areas). Possibilities are many. So if you have bought Concrete Barriers update your downloads anytime (The old file was also reformatted for smaller size and better quality textures). If you did not, and you need concrete barriers for your battlefield you can get them here.