Medieval Cannon Crew – and how to operate a veuglaire.

In past few days I’ve been busy with preparing my submissions for Cardboard Warriors Papercut Awards contest. Having very little free time (as always) I decided to enter only two categories that is Single Figure And Multi Figure Set.

As the Veuglaire is getting close to being published, the cannon crew seemed a reasonable choice for the latter category. These miniatures will be included in the Veuglaire set as a bonus content. Anyway meet the crew.


In order of appearance Company Captain, Master Gunner, Gunner apprentice, Company Soldier, Veteran Gunner and another Gunner apprentice.

They were designed as post hussite, bohemian, mercenary, artillery company something mid. XV century and thus they are wearing period cloths, arms and armour. I wanted also to represent economic stratification of such mercenary company.

The soldier and the apprentices represent the majority of the company – common soldiers and servants. Both apprentices wear cheap cloths of coarse fabric and dull (or no) colours and are armed only with long knives with linen gambesons being their only protection. The soldier wears a good woollen tunic over the gambeson, can afford a helmet and carries a solid dussack as his sidearm.
Master gunner and the veteran being the company elders wear quilted tunics of fine broadcloth, plate or brigantine armour elements. Both are armed with swords and daggers. They could  afford some breastplates and helmets but these two had left them in the wagons, not to hinder themselves at their work with excessive protection. After all they are not expected to storm the ramparts – just to tear them apart.
Finally the company captain boasts a full suit of armour with modern sallet and a fine sword ( and a pint of beer). Walking here and there across the siege camp so all servants and common soldiers, or even poorer knights knew – here comes an important person. His brigantine may be slightly outdated at a time but still he is no great baron with hundreds of peasants to bleed for money. He is a leader of men that earn their gold with their hard work.

I liked making the first set of photos so much that I decided to make additional action shots, showing who does what and when, when operating the cannon in a form of a short photo story. Obviously it is not a veuglaire handling manual, but hopefuly can give you some impression or at least fun. It required making a separate background screen with a distant perspective that took me whole evening (I wonder how many of you will recognise the castle). I guess I could have made a Photoshop montage and not print the screen but as it a papercraft contest material it would seem like cheating. The effects you can see below.




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