Return with a shield.*

Papercut Awards 2013 trophy.

Not without a pride (however late) I would like to report, that my team of Fashionable Adventuress and Medieval Cannon Crew, have returned from the Papercut Awards 2013 with a triumph. Lady Achsenberg was awarded two 1st places, both in Single Figure and Best in the show categories. The Cannon Crew fought well wining 2nd place in Multi Figure Set, and 3rd place in Best in the Show, falling only to Reivaj Elves (unfortunately twice…), and Lady Achsenberg herself. For more good news I can say that the cannons will roar soon.

* If someone does not know it is a paraphrase of Plutarch Moralia.
Acc. to that hellenistic scholar spartan mothers and wives said farewell to their men with words “Return with or on your shield” or something like that. Basicly “Win or die, but don’t run away” as deserters dropped their shields to run faster, and fallen were supposed to be carried home on their shields. Some modern scholars argue that ancient moralist invented this proverb, as in times he quoted fallen soldiers were buried on the fields of battle rather than carried (sometimes many miles) on their shields to their home city. The saying has it’s power anyway.


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