Codex Manesse – Cutfiles

20130401_Manesse_03Thanks to Mike Proteau of Cardboard Warriors forum, all lucky owners of Silhouette studio operated robocutters can now push the whole (up to date) range of Codex Manesse miniatures through their clever machines.

Below you will find Codex Manesse Jousting Knights (Including the Fencers, the King, the bear and the maiden fair), and first two sets of The Court edited for the robocuter and zipped together with .studio cutfiles.

Codex Manesse: Jousting Knights

Codex Manesse: The Court



Codex Manesse Court – Lords of the land.

Here comes another set of mighty lord and knights at the Codex Manesse Court.


This time lords of Holy Roman Empire (mostly) with Landgraff of Turingia and three Burggrafs of Regensburg, Reitenburg and Lienz. Swords in hands of Herr Landgraff and Burggraf of Reitenburg are usually interpretedĀ  symbols of their judiciary power. These two fellows could have been known as particularly just judges (or the monk just wanted to depict them as such šŸ˜‰ ).

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