Incoming – Medieval fences.


This is something I started just after finishing Concrete barriers.
Playing mostly fantasy (or historical) wargames I decided I need something similar – simple linear obstacles – but more suitable for historical and fantasy battlefields and thus an idea for a set of medieval field or meadow fences was born.

To be more precise it is rather a set of pre-industrial not just medieval walls and fences as these fence types were used for millennia before industrial made fences and bricks replaced them in many places of the world. The set will include most common forms of such primitive fences – woven wicker fences, fascine or split plank fences made without nails or saws, and peat and dry stone walls.  Similar constructions were used for many, many other uses such as reinforcing earthworks, riverbanks, siege works, for walls of simple shelters, housing, workshops, or wherever one would need a fence or a wall easy, fast or cheap to build.

The models were actually mostly completed for for a few months, waiting until I’ would find some time to make decent photos, instructions and other “final touches” (that from my small experience make up for half of the work). Anyway the set is now nearly finished, and I’ am quite satisfied with how simple and versatile it turned out. Above you can see some elements of the set “as they are”, used simply as fences, but as soon as I’ll finish the set I’ll post some examples of what you’ll be able to do with it with some imagination.


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