Aftercuts 2014

Papercuts 2014 showcase is 2 weaks behind us…

I bearly managed to find time to submit a single mini, but not enough to prepare a proper presentation, or even a photo session. (This is supposed to mean “sorry for the quality of photo below).

Still it was enough for 4th place.


This is Daria, a not so ordinary kid in a postapocalyptic (or actually sort of trans-apocalyptic) world. Here you can find my submission, and a brief description of the scene. According to new rules of Papercuts all submissions were to be free to download so, you can download miniature of Daria here.

I think that overall level of the competition was slightly better than last year with some really cool concepts and/or executions. Congratulations to all the winners. You can browse all submissions on Cardboard Warriors board here.

Especially best of show winner is worth your attention with some cool rain effect’s printed on diorama. You can also browse all submission photos and download models and miniatures on OneMonk page.