Waiting for… time and “Take a look at Papercuts 2015”

Ok. I’m not dead and neither is the blog, but it is kinda… hibernated. Hopefully I will be back in a couple of weeks/ months when Ill manage to climb out of a pile of mundane work. But for some time posts may be hmm… even more irregular than usual. Having some time for myself only when I’ll convince myself I don’t need to sleep I use it lately to dust off my drawing painting skills. Poked by friends and family i started to put some of my newer and older drawings on the web. So if you are curious what is keeping me from making more models you can visit my Deviantart gallery. You can meet there some friends of Aspasia A. A. Achsenberg that I hope one time will make it to a set of steampunk/ victorian adventurers.

And while we are with Aspasia – a winner of Papercut Awards 2013… Until I’ll find some time for more miniature modelling I highly recommend keeping an eye or two and follow this year Papercut Awards contest.

For those who don’t know what I’m speaking of. It’s a contest about making paper models and miniatures for tabletop games like wargames or RPG. So if you draw some miniatures/ design models from time to time on behalf of organizers (and whole Cardboard Warriors community I believe) I invite all pen/and scissors able ladies and gentlemen to take part. And if you only use other people creations in your games you can still participate in “papercraft in action” showing your modelling skills and ability to create drama with papercut means.

Rules of participation and rewards (one book shelf gift certifiactes and sometimes other) you will find below. Papercut Awards 2015 contest rules.

I myself am afraid will have to pass this year but who knows… Best of luck for all who enter the fray. 🙂


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