Codex Manesse Court: Of monks, not exactly nuns and one Jew…

Because there were always some of them in medieval Courts of Europe… Here is another set of Codex Manesse miniatures.


First five minis to the left are monks. Judging by their habits we ave here three monks of the Order of st Benedictus (first, fourth and fifth from the left). Two of them are carrying pastoral staves, are probably abbot and a prior of a convent. With their motto “Ora et labora” Benedictines were one of the oldest and most significant orders in Europe anbd their monasteries were a vital element of medieval landscape (both geographicaly and socialy speaking).

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Waiting for… time and “Take a look at Papercuts 2015”

Ok. I’m not dead and neither is the blog, but it is kinda… hibernated. Hopefully I will be back in a couple of weeks/ months when Ill manage to climb out of a pile of mundane work. But for some time posts may be hmm… even more irregular than usual. Having some time for myself only when I’ll convince myself I don’t need to sleep I use it lately to dust off my drawing painting skills. Poked by friends and family i started to put some of my newer and older drawings on the web. So if you are curious what is keeping me from making more models you can visit my Deviantart gallery. You can meet there some friends of Aspasia A. A. Achsenberg that I hope one time will make it to a set of steampunk/ victorian adventurers.

And while we are with Aspasia – a winner of Papercut Awards 2013… Until I’ll find some time for more miniature modelling I highly recommend keeping an eye or two and follow this year Papercut Awards contest.

For those who don’t know what I’m speaking of. It’s a contest about making paper models and miniatures for tabletop games like wargames or RPG. So if you draw some miniatures/ design models from time to time on behalf of organizers (and whole Cardboard Warriors community I believe) I invite all pen/and scissors able ladies and gentlemen to take part. And if you only use other people creations in your games you can still participate in “papercraft in action” showing your modelling skills and ability to create drama with papercut means.

Rules of participation and rewards (one book shelf gift certifiactes and sometimes other) you will find below. Papercut Awards 2015 contest rules.

I myself am afraid will have to pass this year but who knows… Best of luck for all who enter the fray. ūüôā

Return with a shield.*

Papercut Awards 2013 trophy.

Not without a pride (however late) I would like to report, that my team of Fashionable Adventuress and Medieval Cannon Crew, have returned from the Papercut Awards 2013 with a triumph. Lady Achsenberg was awarded two 1st places, both in Single Figure and Best in the show categories. The Cannon Crew fought well wining 2nd place in Multi Figure Set, and 3rd place in Best in the Show, falling only to Reivaj Elves (unfortunately twice…), and Lady Achsenberg herself. For more good news I can say that the cannons will roar soon.

* If someone does not know it is a paraphrase of Plutarch Moralia.
Acc. to that hellenistic scholar spartan mothers and wives said farewell to their men with words “Return with or on your shield” or something like that. Basicly “Win or die, but don’t run away” as deserters dropped their shields to run faster, and fallen were supposed to be carried home on their shields. Some modern scholars argue that ancient moralist invented this proverb, as in times he quoted fallen soldiers were buried on the fields of battle rather than carried (sometimes many miles) on their shields to their home city. The saying has it’s power anyway.

Concrete precast factory up and running – among other things.

MiniLab is going commercial.

I’m pleased to announce that my concrete barrier set is available on Wargame Vault for anyone who would need them. The set includes eight of each blast walls, jersey barriers and dragon tooth bollards in 30mm gaming scale.

Editing this set to publish it took me quite a long time (prose of life can be annoyingly distractive) but it should go faster now when most of things are set.

It is just first of many sets I have in my plans, as in the mean time many prototypes were born on my desk, and many more ideas in my head. Hopefully I will find some time to grab the camera and update the blog. Next set to follow will be (obviously I guess) the Veuglaire with 2d crew, and then 2-3 sets of some simpler models not sure what it will be exactly but you may expect some note soon.

The horse with cart and limber will be delayed however, as I care to much to make it right and I¬†don’t want to jinx it with haste.

In the mean time you may expect more Manesse miniatures (free as always), and some modding stuff for the barriers.

Unexpected… horse.

This was weird. Yesterday after a tiresome and stressful day¬†I was¬†sitting at the¬†desk¬†without any intention of doing anything. After a second or third¬†tea and half an hour of¬†staring bluntly at the tv¬†I took scissors and started to cut and glue random sheet of printer paper… and¬†I made this.

130305_kon_1      130305_kon_2      130305_kon_3

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