A list of models, miniatures and related projects I am working on or completed since beginning of this blog. This section is still under construction and will be expanded in time with new models, model descriptions, additional images and whatever comes to my mind.

Medieval cannon and crew

Status: Completed
Scale ~1:50
Model of a XV century veuglaire with tools and gunner supplies.
Medieval veuglaires were small to medium weight guns, breech loaded by replacing depleted powder chambers with pre loaded spares.
Click here to see all posts concerning the veuglaire.

And if you like it, you can get it from   

Security concrete barriers

Status: Completed version 1.1
A set of precast concrete barriers used by military as FOB walls, for explosion/ bombardment compartments,  roadblocks, vehicle guides at control points, anti impact protection and possibly many other uses. This set is inspired by photos of different modern war zones and military bases (like Afghanistan, Iraq etc.)
Version 1.1 includes 4 alternative concrete hues

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And if you like it, you can get it from   

130506_kon3A draft horse  and probably a wagon of some kind

Status: In design (currently on hold)
This project was started by a weird stream of consciousness (or rather unconsciousness) after a hard day that made me create the first horse. Then I decided to make it a repeatable design. Initially it was to be a draft horse for the cannon but I will rather make it a separate model together with wagon perhaps. (A simple hay wagon with option to make it hussite style war wagon is walking on my mind)

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Codex-manesse_Church_1Codex Manesse Miniatures

Status: Constantly in progress.
Scale: circa 30mm gaming scale (hard to tell the scale ratio as these keep no proportions : ) )
A result of a little experiment that turned out to be so much fun for me that its keeping getting bigger and bigger. A set of 2d gaming miniatures based on original illustrations of XIV century Codex Manesse manuscript (and occasionally other source texts). For now I have completed a series of mounted and dismounted jousting knights (with some other stuff) and now I’m working on another series of miniatures depicting the Codex Manesse Court – that is lords, king,s ladies, servants and other related characters.

Click here to see all posts concerning Codex Manesse miniatures.

Below you can download the whole range of Codex manesse miniatures zipped together and edited for robocutters.
Last update 29.10.2013

Codex Manesse: Jousting Knights

Codex Manesse: The Court

Codex Manesse: Architecture

Great Thanks to Mike Proteau for editing the sheets and providing the cutfiles.


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