My Models

A list of models, miniatures and related projects I am working on or completed since beginning of this blog. This page is still under construction and may not work as it should, please be patient :). In time this section will be expanded with new models, model descriptions, additional images and whatever comes to my mind. This page is a test shot

Concrete Barriers

A set of precast concrete barriers used throughout the world by military, security and traffic control forces, designed for modern or futuristic miniature battlefields. This set is inspired by photos of different modern war zones (like Afghanistan, Iraq, Israeli- Palestinian border etc.) and military … Continue reading

Medieval cannon with crew

Medieval veuglaires were small to medium weight guns, breech loaded by replacing depleted powder chambers with pre loaded spares. Used in many theatres of war it was the first multi-purpose gun suitable for field or naval combat as well as … Continue reading

Meadow Fences and Walls

A set of pre industrial era fences and walls, commonly used to divide land, handle livestock, as construction elements for simple buildings (like sheds, workshops or primitive housing) or for reinforcing of earthworks (such as siege works or wharfs or … Continue reading


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