The Veuglaire

A set of pre industrial era fences and walls, commonly used to divide land, handle livestock, as construction elements for simple buildings (like sheds, workshops or primitive housing) or for reinforcing of earthworks (such as siege works or wharfs or causeways). It includes woven wattle fences of wicker or hazel, post fences filled with fascine or axe split planks, and dry stone or turf bricket walls. All of these constructions required little expertise and were made of cheap and easily available material with only the most common tools such as knife, axe and hammer, (saws and nails were expensive and not as common as most think until XVIII-XIX century).  Such fences most common sight in rural landscapes from the early neolithic well intoXVII century (or even XIX or XX century in some areas), when mass industrial production of bricks, nails saws and planks replaced them with more modern forms.

This is a great set for any pre industrial or fantasy rural landscape, but with some imagination you can make much more of it than just fences. You will find some inspiring examples in the gallery below.

Like it? Get it from Wargame Vault.

Or If you want to know more – View the history of Meadow Fences and Walls

 Creative ways of using Meadow fences and Walls


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