Medieval cannon with crew

WEB_Veuglaire_coverMedieval veuglaires were small to medium weight guns, breech loaded by replacing depleted powder chambers with pre loaded spares. Used in many theatres of war it was the first multi-purpose gun suitable for field or naval combat as well as for siege. Replaceable powder chambers allowed far greater rate of fire than later muzzle loaded cannons as long as spare chambers were avialable, but at the cost of much reduced range (as the result of gas venting caused by difficulties with sealing the breach). To cope with this disadvantage veuglaires (as well as other early cannons) were sometimes deployed with wooden screens to protect the crew from enemy missiles.

This is a highly detailed, full 3D, paper model of such an early cannon together with gunner’s tools and supplies. Designed to suit a fantasy or medieval battlefield of any 28-32mm miniatures game. Together with thecanon itself come 6 unique, 2d, paper miniatures of cannon crew with front and back artwork, ready to man the cannon if no 3D gunners are at hand :).

The cannon team was awarded 2nd place in Multi figure set category and 3rd Best in the show in Papercut Awards Showcase 2013

This set is designed to suit 28-32mm miniatures, representing various size of cannons depending on the miniatures size. Medieval Veuglaires were far from standardized in size, so you can also adjust print percentage to add more weight variety to your medieval artillery.

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 Medieval Cannon: the Veuglaire