Gabion gun emplacement – using Meadow Fences and Walls

Here comes another gun emplacement made using elements of Meadow Fences and Walls set (and a linen thread).


This time it is more modern gabion emplacement. As the firepower and widespread of firearms and artilerry increased in renaissance period, medieval wooden shields and hurdles proved not to be enough to protect the artillery crews and were replaced with gabion fortifications. Esentially a predecessor of modern sandbags or steel gabion fortifications these early Read more…


Medieval cannon emplacement – using Meadow Fences and Walls.

As promised, here comes the first idea of what can you do with Meadow Fences and Walls. – a medieval cannon siege emplacement.


Shield lowered, as the crew is reloading the cannon

To be effective early cannons had to be placed and operated relatively close to the walls, often within range of bows or crossbows or other engines of defenders. To protect the crew against missiles and to hide operations from the sight of the enemy wooden hurdles and shields were erected at gun sites. Read more…

Let the cannons roar!

Finally, after months of painful birth, testing, tuning and editing the medieval veuglaire is available on Wargame Vault, for anyone willing to blast his miniature foes with the power of gunpowder.

The set includes full 3D model of the cannon and gunner’s supplies, together with 2D front and back miniatures of cannon crew – recent veterans of Papercut Awards showcase. All in 300dpi resolution, designed and scaled for 30mm battlefields.

Inside you’ll find also a brief description of cannon and its parts, detailed assembly instructions and general modelling tips.

Medieval Cannon Crew – and how to operate a veuglaire.

In past few days I’ve been busy with preparing my submissions for Cardboard Warriors Papercut Awards contest. Having very little free time (as always) I decided to enter only two categories that is Single Figure And Multi Figure Set.

As the Veuglaire is getting close to being published, the cannon crew seemed a reasonable choice for the latter category. These miniatures will be included in the Veuglaire set as a bonus content. Anyway meet the crew.


In order of appearance Company Captain, Master Gunner, Gunner apprentice, Company Soldier, Veteran Gunner and another Gunner apprentice.

They were designed as post hussite, bohemian, mercenary, artillery company something mid. XV century and thus they are wearing period cloths, arms and armour. I wanted also to represent economic stratification of such mercenary company.

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The veuglaire is ready, and there is still a lot to do.

The veuglaire model, cannon supplies and tools are done, but in the meantime the project expanded to include 2d crew and 3d horses and limber both in a very early phase of design.

Below you can see the finished cannon  at ease (crew went for a beer) with what is completed. I am quite happy that it is all done without any non paper parts (no wire, no toothpicks, no putty etc, and that includes cannon shots visible in the bucket).

130323-foglerz4     130323-foglerz6

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Medieval cannon nearly complete.

While working on the design of the veuglaire I have assembled a whole artillery park of subsequent versions. Below you can see models made in the process.


The cannon itself is actually completed and I am quite satisfied how it came out. The wheels are turning, the gun angle can be adjusted with the elevation bracket, as it should. I am still working on the accessories. For now you can see the powder barrel and wedging hammer resting on the hooks on the carriage.

130303-foglerz2     130303-foglerz3

Minilab launched

Hello and welcome all,

Finally blog is up.

For a good start a few WIP pictures of projects I work on recently. First is medieval/fantasy cannon (veuglaire to be exact). This is the second prototype I made, and it still require some tweaking (barrel slightly too short, carriage support slightly too long). Texturing is underway approx 75% complete. Veuglaire is planned complete with gunpowder keg, bucket for carrying cannonballs (or whatever), sponge to clean the bore, hammer to wedge the powder chamber tightly, replacement powder chambers and a chest for gunner tools.

130225Foglerz2      130225Foglerz3

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