Harnessing horse power.

This build was intended just to help me to layout shades when texturing, and test harness concept, but of course it resulted in some changes in the general design that i need to test further. Anyway this is where the horse design is now. Harness was designed by hand and I will now try to make it into vectors and add some details like buckles rings etc. I plan to make two harness types to choose from first with collar as and second with breast band. We will see if I make it.

As no wagon was ready yet, to test if the harness works this horse pulls an impromptu improvised spike harrow.


Back on horse.

When you leave an unfinished project and return to it later, you will find that a lot of issues that were not bothering you when you left it, now turned annoying.

Actually it is rather that with a fresh eye you can see faults that were omitted earlier but still, having to improve things over and over again is annoying (I believe all designers of whatever know that). This time it refers to the horse. I’ve returned to this project last week, and already fixed some things that were not as good as they should (e.g. pasterns, ears and head) but still have to fix others. Especially neck-shoulder joint. My attempts to make it fully adjustable made it really difficult to assemble, so I’m going to simplify it retaining only slight adjustability. It should be enough to get a diverse horse team anyway.  There are some other minor issues, much easier to fix before I’ll get to texturing. Oh and there is still harness to design.

Below you can see the last build of the horse. It may be a little clunky but it was made to test some changes in the design so I wasn’t focused too much on overall effect.

20140409_kon_2   20140409_kon_1


Horse is going trot.

Just stole a few minutest to post an update on the horse design. This build resulted in a slight change in pasterns and hind legs (not implemented yet), in general leg joints still need some fine tuning, also neck-shoulders joint still need some work. Head-neck joint work well now and is fully adjustable. Hopefully next prototype will be the last before texturing.


 130506_kon3      130506_kon2


Slow but steady…

… goes work on the draft horse. Below are the pictures of the second build, still not final but you can see where it goes. I guess I can call it early beta. New pasterns, hooves and other leg joints work pretty well although need some tweaks to look better. Neck-head nad neck-shoulders joints need to be simplified and redesigned to allow more customization. It is always hard to set the border between good looks and assembly simplicity. Now I’m planning some experiments with the harness, it should cover many joints and hopefully make it look less cubic.

130418_kon1      130418_kon2


Headless horse…

Just a few early wip pictures of the horse I’m designing to pull the cannon. Head and tail is still left to be done…  This is the first prototype and I expect I will need a couple more to finish geometry and start texturing. I’m satisfied that the mini is strong enough to bear quite a heavy (well, for an elf), metal GW dragon prince (WHFB 5th ed. I think) without any internal wiring or  external supports.

130329_kon_2     130329_kon_3     130329_kon_1