Codex Manesse – Cutfiles

20130401_Manesse_03Thanks to Mike Proteau of Cardboard Warriors forum, all lucky owners of Silhouette studio operated robocutters can now push the whole (up to date) range of Codex Manesse miniatures through their clever machines.

Below you will find Codex Manesse Jousting Knights (Including the Fencers, the King, the bear and the maiden fair), and first two sets of The Court edited for the robocuter and zipped together with .studio cutfiles.

Codex Manesse: Jousting Knights

Codex Manesse: The Court



Codex Manesse Court – Of kings and lords.


With this set I am starting a new theme in Codex Manesse miniatures under working title “the Court”. Having (almost) depleted the supply of jousting knights in the original manuscript, this new “line” will focus on those who would watch their exploits on the tournament field, and scheme on the backstage.

This first set of the court line introduces some of the mightiest lords of XII-XIV century Central Europe in persons of:

  • His imperial highness Heinrich the VI  der Staufer, by the grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor , King of Italy and Sicily ,
  • Vaclav the II Přemyslovec King of Bohemia and Poland, duke of Cracow, overlord of Silesia (one of the brightest monarchs of the era) and
  • Otto the IV “with an Arrow” Markgrave of Brandenburg-Stendal with his wife Heilwig.

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The King, the bear and the maiden fair.

No knights this time, as the joust has been disturbed by arrival of several villains. Tyro king of the Scotts, and a maiden of the court are threatened by a band of brigands, a ferocious bear and a dreadful giant. All figures with exception of the king and the giant are side characters of Codex Manesse charts.  The fair maiden is an object of affection of Graf Gotfrit von Nifen. Thugs are infamous murderers of knight Reinmar von Brennenberg. The bear is soon to be killed by Herr Hawart to become a figure of his crest. And the giant Harpin de la Montagne is our special guest star from Chretien de Troyes “Yvain, le Chevalier au Lion” Garrett MS 125 manuscript, after a serious face reconstruction surgery. Just to add flavour to the knights collection. Enjoy.