Well… is out as a demo set.

Finally I’ve finished the well set, and it is out there (on WargameVault) for grabs as MiniLab’s “pay what you want” demo set. I hope you’ll like this little model. If you will try it tell me what you think.  All feedback is welcome.



Sometimes, especially when you have almost no time for hobby, you need do put aside more complex projects just to make something different that you can finish in a short time. Its a kind of mental hygiene I guess. Below you can see my last such “fast and simple” project. A simple crank well. A universal design suitable for many fantasy, or historical settings spanning 2500 years. Below you can see the first test build and a test print.


It is intended as a sort of demo set for my 3d models. Now ahead of me is the boring part – the instructions…

P.S. To all whom it may concern… Marry Christmas and all… 😛 😀

P.P.S Sol Invictus!