Tools, materials & basics

The internet is full of “papercraft for beginners – tools’n’stuff” tutorials, that are actually almost the same. Will this tutorial be any different? Probably not much, after all what can you invent new in terms of papercraft hobby basics. You may however find here some useful information or ideas anyway.

There are great many useful tools handy in paperworks, but in the end almost anything can be made with a simple set you can see above. Nothing fancy here. A pair of scissors, snap-off blade knife, x-acto kind hobby knife (that I rarely use to cut), simple setsquare, glue, a thick needle, tweezers and assortment of random round things of different diameter I use for rounding and wet shaping. To complete the list I should mention paper and printer and that would be all. The trick is to choose which knife, paper, printer or glue is best for the job. There is no ultimate truth here. It all comes with the practice. In time you will find (or probably you already have) what works best for you. On pages below you will find my opinion on what is useful, and what not so much.  I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Comments and constructive criticism is welcome as always.


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